Content Availability, Solr and thelepathy

Last time I had a strange issue. I configured CA feature on production as on the test environment and… surprise, surprise feature is not working. As you can read in my previous articles about Content Availability, this feature base on Solr indexes. I decide to ask Solr

First I go and check schema to verify if all fields required by Content Availability feature are in the index:

  • versionsunrisedate
  • versionsunsetdate
  • publishablefrom
  • publishableto

Fields are in the index, this part is OK. Maybe logs tell me something.

Field _isAvailable is a virtual field defined in configuration file Sitecore.Publishing.Service.ContentAvailability.solr.config. I copy this to CD and issue gone.

The solution

I still don’t know how it is working on two test environments, without this file on CD server, but Yoda knows.

You can read more interesting details about Publishing services and Content Availability:

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