Free modeling module – obvious, strange, bug.

This module lets you model any content type. While this module can model the other content types that have a dedicated module, it does not provide the module-specific functionalities associated with those content types.

Content Hub Documentation

In this article, I will try to explain what this exactly means from the Content Hub perspective. The free modeling module is by default disabled if you have a professional license for Content Hub. In higher versions, Corporate or Enterprise is by default enabled.

The Obvious

For me, the apparent fact is that without this module, you cannot create new definitions. In Manage->Schema, you don’t have a button New definition. But still, you can add new properties and taxonomies to the existing definitions. And here we get to the point that is strange for me.

The Strange

As I mention, you can add properties and taxonomies, but you cannot add new relations between existing definitions. You can see the New Member options with and without the Free Modeling module on the image below.

New member options with and without Free Modeling module

The Bug

Last but not least, if the Free Modeling module is disabled, you can add new taxonomies, but you need to be careful. You can create a new taxonomy, but later, you cannot edit the label of this taxonomy.

For me, it’s a bug, and based on information from Support, this option will be enabled in some future releases.

Options available on the image are you will see only once. Please don’t make any mistake in the Name and Label field. Keep also in a mind that you need to traslate label now, later will not be possible.

You can edit Name and Label only once.
Taxonomy edit is not possible

The good is that entities that belong to your custom taxonomy can be edited. 


Without Free modeling module:

  • You cannot add a new definitions (obvious)
  • You cannot add a new relations (strange)
  • You can create taxonomies but Name and Label you can edit only during creation (bug)

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